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النوع : تقسيط
الموقع : null, Anhui, China

It’s just a scene, so why spend too much money. There are all kinds of small stalls on the street, selling clay figurines and ceramic utensils, all of which are more household utensils, and the production is not very fine, just look at it. But those snacks are more able to attract the attention of Xia Susu, see fresh to buy a taste, eat more than the elderly and children to beg, young nature is no share. Good hands and feet do not go to earn money, when beggars, deserve not to eat. Looking at Xia Susu, who was licking a string of bright red ice-sugar gourds, Lou Qinghong protected her in his arms so that the crowd would not hurt her. This is also a habitual action, with Xia Susu’s flying skills, such ordinary people are not easy to get close to her body. Eat one? Xia Susu put the ice-sugar gourds to his mouth, Lou Qinghong did not want to bite down, but bit empty. Looking at Xia Susu’s happy and proud appearance, Lou Qinghong reached out to scrape her nose. Just as they were making trouble,Blue Bottle Serum, they saw a beggar being bumped into them by the crowd. Lou Qinghong twisted his eyebrows and flashed slightly. He dodged him, but caught his little black hand reaching for his purse. The beggar.. No, it’s just a thief. The thief panicked and tried to break away from his hand, but he struggled to twist a few times but still could not break away, looking at Xia Susu’s eyes with a look of prayer. He didn’t dare to say anything, so he asked someone to hold it now. It was to be sent to the official. Little beggar,Amber Dropper Bottles, how old are you? Su Su asked with a smile, not breaking his identity as a thief, nor softening his heart because of his begging eyes. Although she looks like a talkative face, it does not mean that she is really a Bodhisattva. Ten Thirteen. The thief suddenly trembled like the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves, but it was the usual trick at that time. Although Lou Qinghong grabbed him to make him a little afraid, the bottom of his heart also knows that these two seemingly weak people are a role to be trifled with, but naturally someone will come to help him. Thirteen years old, you can find some errands to do. Xia Susu smiled and bit his mouth to ice-sugar gourds. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of several big men squeezing toward them. He was afraid that the man above him would say, “How can I make a living?” Perhaps the smile on Xia Susu’s face was so strong that people around her thought she was a poor child, but it didn’t cause any commotion. Want You’re in charge! When the thief saw his own man leaning over, he swallowed his saliva and suddenly became bolder. If Lou Qinghong hadn’t been holding his hand, he might have been able to shout loudly. I don’t want to care about you. I’m not your mother. What do I care about you? Xia Susu is deliberately teasing him, Glass Cream Jars ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Lou Qinghong will cooperate with her, want to play by her, anyway, they come out is to find some fun. The capital is really a very depressing place. The thief did not seem to be angry when he saw her. He was clearly making fun of him. Suddenly he was a little angry and glanced at her and ignored her. What are you two doing to catch this child? Don’t rely on money to bully people! One of the thinner of the big men who were close to them suddenly called out, and many of them really looked back. This is the legendary shill, which is bluffing. The crowd saw a tall young man holding a beggar boy with a black face in his hand, and beside him stood a girl licking ice-sugar gourds smiles, and they were somewhat puzzled. The curious came over, and the uncurious were dragged over by the curious. Tell me, little beggar, how did we bully you? You didn’t beat or scold him, and you don’t believe he can make up a lot of lies? There was someone around them just now, and she heard everything she said. I The thief was stunned. He really didn’t do anything with him. He looked at the big men in a panic and lowered his head silently. It was not once or twice that I was caught stealing, but it was the first time that I met such a master. I didn’t beat or scold him. I caught him and didn’t let him go and preached to him. Those a few big fellow also are to feel puzzled, but rely on a person to be many also the voice is thick rise: “Still hurriedly let him go.” “Let him go?” Lou Qinghong and Xia Susu looked at each other and chuckled, but this time Xia Susu did not make a sound, and slowly ate the ice-sugar gourds around her mouth like a baby, for fear that someone would rob her to protect her. “Who is this little beggar to you? Are you so helpful?” Suspicious eyes slipped back to the big fellow who spoke, looking at two people are not like vexatious people, just to give a lot of beggars old man to eat, how just stared at this little beggar? Is it a thief? The whispering from the crowd made the big fellow very angry. He wanted to steal the show, but the two of them seemed to be acting, and they didn’t explain or make a scene. Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu just can’t stand the bad habits of you rich people! The big fellow said. Smelly problem? Xia Susu pretended to be silly and naive. She sniffed Lou Qinghong and said earnestly, “You’re talking nonsense. My brother Bai is very fragrant. He doesn’t stink at all. If you don’t believe me, you can smell it.” Listening to her innocent reply, many people laughed. How could such an innocent girl bully others? “Yan Laosan, don’t be afraid that you have trained a new thief and been caught trying to steal money.” A scholar who knew the big fellow suddenly said. That’s right, that girl just gave some children something to eat. That’s a kind-hearted girl. How can she bully people casually? It must be this child who wants to steal money! The aunt who sells noodles also opened her mouth. I, I don’t know that kid. Yan Laosan saw that the atmosphere was not right, so he had to shrink back and look at the child with some hatred. The thief saw his eyes, not by the body trembled, even if escaped these two people, estimated to go back to wait for him is also a good beating! His eyes could not help showing despair, he did not want to be beaten again! That cane whip and stick, hit on the body, all very painful! “Is there anyone in your family?” Xia Susu asked with a smile, not seeing Yan Laosan at all. No It’s gone. As soon as his grandmother passed away, he was arrested by Yan Laosan. The little beggar lowered his head, and in addition to fear,oil dropper bottle, he was a little more sad. Grandma is the best person in the world to him, but. Even she went. What is your name? Xia Susu’s voice was kind and soft, without a hint of threat. penghuangbottle.com

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