54 جنية

 (قابل للتفاوض)


السعر : 54 جنية  (قابل للتفاوض)
النوع : تقسيط
التاريخ : 20 أكتوبر، 2022
الموقع : null, Anhui, China

This news is so strange. Now is not the Beijing police’s crackdown period, how can there be such a large-scale search, civilians. This news is either fake news made by American journalists, or it can only mean one thing. Fake Ding Qiang returned to China! The possibility of false news is very small, because the time is coming to the 22nd century. These big news organizations in the United States have their own spy satellites and unique sources of information. Basically, the news in every corner of the world can be known. Did he misjudge during the day? Or did the timing go wrong. Then the radio time confirmed his guess that today was the third day, and he had fainted for three days! He was scared out of a cold sweat, ***, there is a fart time to eat and sleep! Three days is enough time to go to Pluto and circle the earth hundreds of thousands of times! As if to understand his feelings, the taxi driver drives so fast that he really inherits the glorious tradition of New York taxi drivers. But when he arrived at his destination, he got out of the car with two young people and climbed to a safe place on the ground, he had a new idea. He thought of the New York police. If the fake Ding Qiang had left in these three days, they would have come to set a trap long ago, and they just came today, that is to say, the fake Ding Qiang just left, so it seems that things are not too bad. Yes, it must be so. Decided, he had a bottom in his heart and turned into the street to prepare for the room. Cockroaches generally live upstairs instead of on the ground like beetles and ants, which can also reduce the attack of natural enemies. The buildings in this block are all connected, and you can go across it to the New York City Police Department. As he crawled, he kept an eye on his surroundings. The street lamp nearby is broken, very dark, the ground is a little wet, fortunately, the feet of cockroaches are used, so there is no need to worry about wet shoes. There was a gust of wind in my face. Ding Qiang suddenly stopped. With the help of the cockroach’s excellent dark vision, he recognized that in front of him was a fat mouse, whose body now looked like an elephant, and one foot could trample him to death! And the fellow, with his nose moving and his pointed head pointing in his direction, had obviously spotted him. The situation is critical, can no longer hesitate,Carbon in Pulp, this guy is one of the natural enemies of cockroaches, do not run will die, he turned around, with the fastest speed to climb to the nearest building, that is about ten meters away. There was no sound behind him, but a strong tremor of the air told him that the ugly creature was in hot pursuit of him. For a mouse, a cockroach is undoubtedly a good meal, meat. And that guy’s body shape is too different, such a distance, did not wait for him to run to have been stuffed by it. Wings! Wings! At this moment, he could only hope on his wings. He tried to wave his wings, but he couldn’t fly at all. Damn it, I forgot that he had completely occupied the cockroach’s mind and lost the insect’s instinctive reaction, which meant that it could fly, but it could not fly because of his advance. When I was a man, I saw birds and insects flying around for countless times, gold heap leaching ,gold cil machine, but I didn’t think about how people fly, how many times their wings vibrate in a minute, how strong they are, how they are in the direction, how they can move forward, backward, up and down, lean on them, I don’t know at all, this flying fart! Alas, it is true that a tiger falls into Pingyang and is bullied by a rat. In just a few seconds, the nerve whiskers sent him the message that the mouse was a foot behind him, and he could even hear the guy breathing heavily! In the past, he fought in ancient times, at the bottom of the sea and in the center of the earth. He had never been discouraged at all, but at that time, he was a strong man in the world with colorful clouds. At this moment, he really felt the threat of death. Spell, speed up the vibration frequency of the wings to the highest speed you can reach! “Hum-” There was a strange vibration from his wings, and his body finally rose, past the height of the mouse’s head, and flew diagonally above it. At this time, it is less than one meter away from the front building. Just as he was glad to have escaped another disaster, the dead mouse suddenly jumped up! Ding Qiang could not avoid it, only listening to the sound of “bang” on his back. At that moment, he felt so close to death, really did not expect that he finally died in the mouth of a disgusting mouse! Things change! There is no justice! He fell to the ground. Are you dead? It turns out that death is such a feeling, ah, there is no feeling of floating, no feeling of soul out of body, everything is no different from when you are alive. Uh. When he looked up, he saw the big butt of the wicked rat and a long tail curled up together. Shit, that guy hit the wall and passed out! And he just happened to fall from the sky to the ground, just to avoid the mouse’s diving to the top. There was no time to find out the reason for the fall. He quickly got up and climbed up the wall from the mouse. He climbed a few meters before he dared to look back. He saw that the mouse had just climbed up. Ha ha, it serves him right! I really want to thank the wings on my body. If it weren’t for it, Master Ding would disappear from this colorful world. Thinking this way, he shook his wings gratefully. Frighten! Damn, there was only one wing left. No wonder he fell from the sky just now. It turned out that his wing was broken! How? Blessed by the gods! Think about it, no, it should be that his vibration frequency is greater than the frequency it should be, the result of the wings can not stand the explosion, is also a crooked hit, picked up a life, good luck! The rest of the road was not dangerous, and on the way I met a few of the same kind, two female guys were still very interested in him, more persistent than the mouse, has been chasing him for a few streets, look at that meaning to have sex with him. Crazy dizzy, fortunately has completely dominated this insect, if in the daytime, it is estimated that the host will be on it. When he finally arrived at the police station, he really tasted all kinds of tastes of being an insect. A person’s mind,tin beneficiation plant, however, was placed on a six-legged insect. It was really funny! The cockroach’s body provided him with every convenience. He had no trouble finding the office of the police chief and sneaking in-no, climbing through the roof fair and square. No surveillance equipment would notice his little cockroach. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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null, Anhui, China
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