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After entering the door, I saw her eyes looking at me. It was really different from other people’s feelings. I don’t know if it was my psychological effect. I could only keep my eyes fixed on the fishmonger, trying to show the feeling of suppressing the intention to kill, so that she felt that I had no time to talk to her now, and that I just wanted to kill the fishmonger. In the team, there were several people who had eaten with us before with Bastard Qiu. I answered them one by one. I felt almost finished. Then I took a sip of tea as a signal to let Xiaohua continue. The little flower took one look at me and then opened her mouth and said to the others, “Ladies and gentlemen, I believe you are all very puzzled during this period of time. Why hasn’t the Third Master appeared for so long?”? There are also many rumors on the market. Here I would like to inform you that they are all rumors. The year before last, the third Master found out that he was ill. Recently, he had a minor operation on his throat, and he has been recuperating. Many people with ulterior motives began to talk nonsense during this period. No, the third Master came out to show you. Don’t listen to the fact that wind is rain. 。” “Oh, is the third Master all right now?” Below there is a particularly honest and honest, honest and honest to look at the abominable “Mediterranean” said, “If you ask me, there are villains outside, brothers here can never believe it, right?” He is right for the humanity on the side. The man on the side nodded awkwardly. I know this Mediterranean. This is the most stable one among the four lamas of the third uncle. During the long time when the third uncle was away, only their accounts were all right. Although it’s not a very good thing. But at this time, I can’t help feeling that he is a little kind. 。 Xiaohua continued, “Third Master is all right, but he can’t speak very well. Brother Pan is also injured. So please forgive me. This time I’ll speak for Third Master.”. We are so familiar, I will not introduce myself, you have no opinion, let’s start, do not delay the third master to rest,coltan ore processing, make a quick decision. Then he said to the fishmonger, “Laoliu, what are you doing?”? As usual, you go first. “Come what?”? I’m afraid the third Master has already forgotten our brothers. Ill? Sick also do not say hello, said to go, the following brothers asked, I do not know how to say. Said the fishmonger, in a very thin voice. There is a big gap with his figure. “Well, now that I’m back, I haven’t said a word. I’ll check the books first.”. You know,mineral flotation, Laoliu, I walked on the field. I came back yesterday covered with mud, and I couldn’t get the account book. I’m sorry! Third Master, you’re next. I came empty-handed today. Give me Ma Wei to eat, my heart said. Sure enough, Pan Zi put this person in the first place, is to see how his attitude, from his attitude can know the attitude of the bastard Qiu, can also know where they are ready to go. However, the tone just now was between arrogance and complaint, and I was relieved to hear it. It seems that Bastard Qiu is just testing. As soon as he said this, the others looked at each other and did not dare to agree, nor did they oppose it. “Laoliu,” said Xiaohua, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. You’re a sissy, but you have a good temper. You’re an old woman complaining that the old man doesn’t go home. Are you ***ing harmful? Then the following people immediately burst into laughter, but the fishmonger was not moved, said: “Laugh, chrome washing machine ,Carbon in Pulp, laugh, you continue to laugh, I have no account!” ” Said to the small flower way, “flower son master, to compare the figure who can not compare you, sissy that is I brought out from the womb, also not as good as you practice.”. Don’t worry about this. This is the Wu family’s place. I wonder if you have changed your surname when you stand on the side. Hurry up, next one. After listening to the floret laughed, apparently did not expect this guy to come back. The little flower leaned against the table and said, “The Wu family and the reconciliation family are relatives on the iron plate. This time the Third Master’s illness is very dangerous. If you let the big men in Changsha outside know, maybe they will come in.”. Third Master doesn’t say, what’s the problem? That’s for your own good! Sure enough, the fishmonger laughed too, but he was not afraid at all. “If the Third Master doesn’t say anything about those people, he won’t make any trouble.”? Tangerine Peel, that old man, killed six of my brothers half a year ago. I can’t find anyone to make decisions! Third Master, those are brothers! Without you, I dare not work against the tangerine peel, and my brother died in vain? I put down the words, third Master, you are so tortuous, the dragon can not see the end, the brothers can not stand. Please do me a favor. If you really don’t want to take care of us because of your poor health, then don’t take care of us. Otherwise, the brothers can’t get along. Just as Xiaohua was about to answer, the middle-aged woman on the other side also said, “Yes, Third Master, Laoliu is right. You haven’t been here these months. You know how miserable the brothers are. My dish is almost gone.”. If it weren’t for the four people sitting here carrying.. Changsha has nothing to do with your third master. 。 When you come back, you have to give us an explanation, and the following brothers want a passable explanation! With that, all the people at the bottom nodded. One of the four people sitting there said, “Third Master, I understand what the two of them are thinking. But Ah Hong, this woman, is right. The brothers have really lost a lot during this time. You have to think about how to say this to the brothers.”. Personally, I don’t believe that Third Master is the kind of person who is so frightened that he won’t even tell us when he has a little illness. I aimed at the middle-aged woman who was called Ah Hong, and my heart said that the words were all in place. The third uncle was busy looking for the answer to the riddle during this period, and must have neglected a lot of business, and these grudges should have been there long ago, but now they just broke out. Moreover, these words are reasonable, in China, Li is bigger than the sky, I can not ignore, only grinning, thinking, suddenly realized how to answer, bowed his head and wrote a line of words on the paper. wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=com Tomb Piracy Notes 8 Chapter 7 (1) T. Xt `Xiao ~ Shuo ~ Tian ~ Tang The little flower wanted to say it herself, but she took a look at the words I wrote and was stunned for a moment. It seemed that she didn’t expect me to write such an answer. She turned her head and said, “Third Master asked you, where is Chen Pi a Si now?” The people below looked around, and someone whispered, “It’s been quiet a lot lately.” As I continued to write on the paper, Xiaohua looked at it and said to them with a sneer, “Do you know why he stopped?” Now no one talks anymore. “The Third Master has told you that you will never see Tangerine Peel Ah Si again,portable gold wash plant,” said Xiaohua. He knew that some of the people below had a good personal relationship with the fourth grandfather, but unfortunately, the fourth grandfather would not come back. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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